Brethren, it has been on my heart that for some time now there has been a stirring in the Body of Christ of expectation and anticipation in these times for God’s Revival Fire.

There has indeed, by revelation, been a season of ‘new birth’ (Isaiah 43:18) over the past 8 months or so.

A birthing of a ‘fattened’ anointing of God’s power (Isaiah 10:27) that is growing like that of a new human being, a figure that gradually grows and is continually attired with an abundance of Power every step of the way.

As the world becomes increasingly uncertain, it is the hour for the church of God to stand up and show whom it serves. This is a time where believers have to particularly be in line with God’s Will both individually and corporately, as He ‘raises’ up His power amid the usual as well as changing forces of opposition and challenge to the force of good in the world.

People of God, may I encourage you to be in God’s Will in all things so that you would better understand why and what is happening, in both the natural and ‘spirit’ realm (Eph 1), and therefore to flow with it.

Seek God for revelation in His Word and in prayer, the benefits and peace in doing so is great, God is in control.

Rich blessings for the week!