By God’s grace and revelation Belt of Truth Ministry was birthed with a fervent desire to spread the truth and Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through His Word. It is a ministry committed to representing the Redemptive Work of Christ through the communication of God’s Will for humanity across the broad spectrum of life.

God desires to Save fallen man (Luke 19:10) and thereafter He guides the Saved in a continuing and life-long relationship with Him which this ministry seeks to represent in a fuller and unique way. It is chiefly comprised of topic articles with the purpose of upholding God’s unchanging truths amid a changing and increasingly challenging world.

In doing so, the purpose of this website is to also present a different understanding of various subjects. One of the ways this seeks to be done is through learning how God’s Word approaches such with a hope that a light would be shone on certain misinterpretations and misunderstandings which unfortunately have lead much of the church into great errors.

Thus, this site seeks to represent the plain truths of God without fear or favour and to also promote the impacts of God’s Word on people’s eternal destiny. It is hoped that by doing so the Church can be better equipped and edified in its Commission to advance the Kingdom of God for Jesus Christ in a way that is both earnest and true to His Word for His glory.