Greetings, Eguavon Eguaibor here in Australia. I grew up in Sydney, one of several children of Nigerian heritage.

To put my history in a short nutshell, I was raised in very tumultuous and highly dysfunctional circumstances which endured at its height for decades. Through it all I was lost, but by the grace of God amid all I was found and Saved by Jesus Christ and have become empowered by Him to His glory.

Some background. I was called into the ‘five-fold’ ministry by revelation from God after a multi-year period of Bible and practical learning in the Church of God and abroad including worship ministry and evangelism. I was not seeking ‘five-fold’ ministry as such but moreso desired to know Jesus Christ deeply and to be true to Him.

During this time I developed an intense love for God’s Word and shortly after I began to pray fervently that God’s perfect will in every aspect of my life would be done. At the time, He revealed a major aspect of life and a few months later the Lord Jesus appeared to me in a night vision and called me into the evangelistic ministry which involved Him giving me two items to enable it to be carried out.

Though, at the time, I had not perceived that the night vision involved ‘five-fold’ ministry. This is because I had not been seeking such ministry though from several months prior I had harboured a desire to be involved in some sort of leadership ministry in the future arising from my developing faith in God. I was baptised in the Holy Spirit in the same vision which was accompanied by the sight of the Lord Jesus and His audible voice speaking His Will to me about Himself at the end of the vision following the giving of the items to me.

A short while later, God spoke directly to me through the Oceania regional Superintendent Pastor of my then church, that, “you’re an evangelist”, along with a few other words about me which were true and unknown to the Pastor and anyone. This ‘word of knowledge’ (1 Cor 12:8) from the pulpit occurred on a sunday evening church service at UniLodge in Ultimo, Sydney in the presence of the congregation shortly after the Minister preached his message.

Although surprised, the word made true sense to me because, for some time before the vision above, God had imbued me with a fervent passion for evangelising which led me to be preaching the Gospel around the streets of Sydney. Though, I had not known that God had been training me for the evangelist role but then realised that the night vision above some 3 months earlier was my actual commissioning and that the ‘word of knowledge’ was the witness to it.

Pertinently, for a time prior to this period and in the months following, God had me interacting with several people in a pivotal secular educational setting. In this setting, I was strategically able to share biblical knowledge with others in various ways which developed into a guidance and leadership role.

Many months later, I had been selected by the pastor of my church as one of the “cell group” leaders to conduct weekly bible study and fellowship for my residential location. Shortly after, the Lord appeared to me in a dream in a March month on a saturday, two days before the church commenced the bible study groups for the first time.

In that dream, using the face of my Kingdom mentor and Pastor friend in a bible study setting with believers, the Lord Jesus looked at me and commanded, “you have to teach”. As stated, He gave that revelation two days prior to the day that the bible study would officially start at my church, which was on the monday, commissioning me to commence my teaching ministry in the weekly church fellowship group. That particular monday was also the same day that my studies recommenced at my secular educational setting, at the beginning of a new study year in early march.

Several months later, God spoke to me in a dream where I was in my then church setting, through the church’s loudspeakers. He said, “pastor Eguavon come to the nursery”. It was through this revelation that I became aware that I had been called into pastoral ministry which unsurprisingly also involved tending to new and weaker in the faith believers (‘nursery’). Being surprised at this revelation, I then understood that God had been training me beforehand through a general guidance and encouraging role over certain people including at the educational setting, at church, and also in the weekly bible study group in my home.

Briefly, along with the evangelism role, I have worked as an associate pastor across multiple churches, and have engaged in various Bible education and practical settings in a pastoral and teaching capacity. I have a BA in Communication (Social Inquiry) and have studied in the areas of Theology and Law and am a keen writer of bible and social topics. I am currently attending a church in the south-west of Sydney.

My passion is to see souls saved and to do the Great Commission for God’s glory. My conjoining passion is to do and convey God’s Will and truths without compromise with the help of God. Although I fail at times, as we all do, it is my prayer that this ministry will encourage yet unsaved souls to meet and know their Saviour and at the same time strengthen and edify the Church of God in its learning of God and relationship with Jesus Christ.