Passing over a jolting thought that comes to me from time to time.

It concerns the ‘post-life’ state, the abode of final destination.

Are you ready for it?

Among the major things that motivate me to ongoingly check my spiritual walk is the fact that I am going somewhere after this present existence, and that I need to make sure it is with God.

This reality was illuminated to me recently when I came across believers who did not believe that there is a place of ‘felt’ judgment after death. God’s Word states that it has been appointed for man to die once and then the ‘felt’ judgment (Heb 9;27; Luke 16:19-31; Rev 20:11-15), and that He shows no favouritism to anyone (Rom 2:11).

Church, more than ever, let’s be motivated by the plain truths of God’s Word which exists to show us the path of truth and victory. Let us ongoingly examine God’s Word so that we will not be led upon a wrong path. Our final abode depends on it. May God bless