This is an introduction to the various articles that appear on this page. It is written in order to give some context to the statements and observations made in the various articles.

As mentioned in the ‘about’ section of this website, this ministry is inspired in Christ for the purpose of illuminating God’s truths across diverse areas of life and particularly those that pertain to the Christian life. The content of the subjects addressed is purely to by God’s help strive to reveal what the Scriptures say about them so that the Church of God may be better equipped in its Walk of Faith for God to be glorified in doing so.

The Scripture of Ephesians 6:14 embodies what this website strives to represent. That is, ‘the belt of truth’ is the first piece of the believer’s armour mentioned which reveals that the success of the believer’s Walk is founded upon the truth and nature of the righteous and holy God in whom we are to be strong in and in the strength of His might (v. 10)(Isa 11:5).

Thus, this section and website is borne out of the need for Christians to more properly recognise the importance of the plain truth and uniqueness of God’s Word and for it to be always embraced from God’s ‘point of view’ because of eternal implications. Much too prevalent across Christendom is the compromising of God’s truths in His Word through interpretation approaches and teachings that change and distort the presentation and plain meanings of the Faith we follow and which has caused much of Christendom to stand in contradiction with the ways of God and His Word.

This means that such contrary positions and actions render people to dangerously be in sin and thus to be in a state of non-repentance and therefore disqualification from heaven (1 Cor 9:24-27). This can be understood in the case of believers who may be sound in diverse areas of their Walk such as faith, wisdom and spreading the Gospel but lack accurate understanding of the fundamental practices of full truth and which unfortunately hinders these other aspects above from being effective in application.

For instance, a person may seem to be representing the full armour of God in their Walk namely wearing the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, having the shield of faith and shodding one’s feet with the preparation of the Gospel of peace, and having the sword of the Spirit. However, the existence of God’s ‘belt of truth’ and this representation of His nature is what sets the Christian Faith apart from every other governing belief and is the Christian’s identifying characteristic which in its absence the other armour pieces above cannot function properly or at all.

Thus, this ministry is intended to help alert the Church of God to the plain truths of God’s Word, and thereby encourage it to not be found in contradiction in doctrine, teachings, and practice. This, unsurprisingly, is due to a need for a true and abiding relationship with Christ but also because of the great risks in being outside of God’s Will and inevitably being subject to adverse eternal consequences (Matt 7:21-23).

Furthermore, while believers are continually in the process of being sanctified, the critical factor is the need for believers to be equipped and functioning as faithful ambassadors of Jesus Christ and the Gospel in representing this ‘belt of truth’. In doing so, it is my hope that the articles’ content would not be regarded as a criticism of any particular person’s character as this is not my intention and the information are long standing beliefs. Rather, it is simply to be true to God’s Word alone without fear or favour and compromise and thereby striving to represent Him in the fullness of His truths and ways (Acts 20:27) which is paramount and because I as we all will have to answer to God in all things.

Lastly, to reiterate, it is important that as believers of Christ we deeply understand the seriousness of being found to be walking in false doctrine and practices. God’s Word states that we will be judged by His Word and only have one opportunity to get it right (Heb 9:27) and therefore we need to urgently abandon unbiblical teachings, beliefs and practices as well as unbiblical and erroneous liberties as they are deception and will prevent the attainment of heaven. It is my prayer that these articles and the website as a whole will go some way to help meet this objective for the benefit of many to the glory of God.