Some brief thoughts about the area of the Church of God and doctrine.

In my observation, it seems very evident that the most contentious subjects in Christendom are not usually because believers do not wish to obey God.

Rather, and unsurprisingly, it is due to misunderstandings of the Bible Text arising from misinterpretation of it, including how God ‘speaks’.

Unfortunately, this has led most in the Church of God today to oppose critical biblical commands that the early church were following as a matter of normal practice without contention.

This has meant that most believers are doctrinally on the wide path of being outside of God’s Will (Matt 7:13-14), which has eternal ramifications.

With God’s help, it is my hope that these subjects that are related to church efficacy and the Person of God Himself will be further tackled in the not too distant future.

Hope you can check it out.